Forever Alone? Nah.

The world will have you in an unnecessary panic. Let me just let you look at it from my eyes.

I am a black, single, educated woman in my 30s. Apparently, being any of these things is not good for finding a mate. There are articles daily that talk about my category of women.

Why black women are single:
Why black women are not getting married:
Why black women will settle and marry beneath her:

Seeing these types of posts will have you depressed and desperate so I usually refuse to read them. My faith will not allow me to fear. And in a way, that is what those articles are trying instill in us.

Either you get the education or find love, you can’t have both.
You need to settle for less, you aren’t worth what you want.
Either you make the plans to have a baby by 35, even if you’re not married, or risk having an unhealthy child.
Either you get that guy out of the friend zone or you’ll be forever alone.


Who’s to say these hold true for for me? Who’s coming up with these statistics? Believe me, I’ve tried it the world’s way and it didn’t work. I refuse to let the world bully me anymore. Quote me on this: I will one day be happily married with healthy children without having to manipulate, search, beg, steal, and borrow. Why? Because it wasn’t me who put this desire in my heart, it was God. And He wouldn’t put it there without intentions of fufilling it. He promised that none shall be without their mate (Isaiah 34:14). He promised that He would make me a mother (Psalms 113:9). He wants me to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 9:1). So what do I do when I see these articles? When I hear that there are more available women then men? That men are going for younger women? Or women of other races? And my chances are becoming more and more slim? I remind God of His promises. I stand on my faith that there is a soul who was specifically made for me. Because in order for His promises to come to pass, there’s got to be man that has my name written on him. So me? Forever alone? Nah.

Love. Hope. Faith.