When Expectation turns into Manifestation.

I remember two years ago I applied for a promotion within my company. Even though my degrees qualified me for the job, I didn’t have the experience that they wanted. I was devastated. I cried for days because I knew in my heart that the job was supposed to be mine.

It was mine, it just wasn’t time.

I made up my mind that despite being overlooked, I knew promotion was coming for me. “I am promoted”. I spoke this daily and wrote it down as a reminder. I continued to do well in the job I was in. I went back to school and earned my specialist degree. I shadowed my supervisors. I looked for experience outside of my normal job requirements knowing that when the opportunity came again, I would try again.

And it came. I was called in for an interview while I was thousands of miles away in Cambodia. I started to panic thinking, here is the opportunity once again slipping away. But they did a second set of interviews. I came back right in time to be scheduled.

I studied. I prayed. I claimed it. I got it.

Yes, it took two years, but I don’t think I was ready for it then. I believe we are in certain places for a period of time to gain experience and to grow. Those two years strengthened me and prepared me for this job that I will be doing now. What was important in the waiting, is that I kept expecting. I kept hoping. I kept believing that promotion was coming. And now here it is.

Dreams become reality.
Thoughts become things.
Expectations turn into manifestation.