Dear Future Husband.

I’m praying for you tonight. Not that I don’t pray for you often, but tonight I felt I really needed to. I don’t know if it’s so much for you as it is for me. 
My patience is running thin. I’m tired of waiting. Dont get me wrong, my life is fulfilling. I have a demanding career that keeps me busy. Concerts and dinners that I go to with friends. Family that is near and dear to me. And I can’t forget about Reese (my dog, who will be our dog) who greets me at the door after those long draining days. 

I’m independent. I can cut the grass, cook dinner, paint the bathroom, and even kill a roach by myself ( which I’m extremely afraid of btw), but I’m ready to be vulnerable. I’m ready for my load to lighten. I’m ready to submit instead of rule. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, now I’m ready to give up the throne. 

Where are you King? 

I know I’m being prepared and so are you, but I’m getting weary. 

So I’m praying. 

Praying for strength. 

Praying for patience. 

Praying for you.