But Are You Really Ready?

I had a revelation today as I was driving to work. Am I ready for the things that I want in my life? I was eager to get a vision board made and I look at it daily. I have scriptures and quotes all around my house to encourage me. But just because I’m calling things into my life, just because I am trying to speak things into existence, am I really ready for it?

A wife and mother is something I know I want to be. Something that I WILL be. But as much as I want it, I have to stop and think, am I prepared for it? Being those things takes sacrifice. No more get up and go. No more being spontaneous and being selfish with my time. Being those things will cause me to think more about the people that I love more than myself. Not saying that it’s so far from what I’m doing now but, I would have to worry about their needs and wants daily. The only person I have to think about right now is me. Once I eat (along with my dog), my family is fed.

Having a vision is more than putting up a collection of pictures and looking at them everyday. It’s about putting your words into action. It’s thinking about the things that you want, preparing for it, and executing a plan.

Packing lunches, cooking dinner, weekly grocery shopping, washing and folding more clothes, sharing closet space, attending PTA meetings, picking up my husband’s shoes from the middle of the floor, and hearing “Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!” every 10 minutes.

Again, am I ready for it?

Thinking about your vision, Are you ready for it?