Momma Knows Best.

When it comes to my family, I can be pretty private. I sometimes find it weird and uncomfortable to talk to my mom about my dating life. But because she loves me, she will ask and if she asks, I share. I know it’s only out of concern. She’s not one of those moms who just wants grandkids. She knows what I want as far as marriage and kids and she truly just wants to see me have the things I desire. And hey, if she gets some grandkids out of the deal, she won’t complain either.

So last night we had one of those conversations. And it was only because she asked. So I went on to tell her about my latest dating woes and frustration.

She listened, took it in, and then she begin to let me have it. 

                 ::In her fussing voice::

Sherron, stop settling. Stop thinking you are on this time clock and that you have to take whatever you can get. You have so much going for you. Someone would be lucky to have you. And if they can’t see the type of woman you are, then they aren’t worth your time

She said so much more, but that stuck with me. I mean, in the back of my mind I know these things, but it’s something about when your mother says it. It must be the truth.

Sometimes we need that reassurance from our moms. Their knowledge. Their wisdom. Their experience. And sometimes just a kick in the pants.

You’re right mom. You’re right.

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