Mom and Dad.

So finally I’m going to be a mommy. After all these years of teaching and taking care of everyone else’s children, I’m finally going to have one of my own. A little boy!

I can’t wait to see the traits he gets from me and his dad. When I think about my own parents, I believe I got the best parts of them.

My mom is a lover of all people. She has strong faith and belief that never waivers. She is one that you can call on at any time of the night and she will throw on her clothes and rush to your aid if she’s needed. And even when she’s not needed.

My dad is a hardworker. He grew up in a household where ‘B’s were unacceptable and boy did it pay off. He’s well educated and successsful. He’s a provider and has secured the future of not only himself, but his family that he loves so deeply.

I am so blessed to have and know them both. All of those traits are instilled in me. That makes me wonder what traits will my own child get from me and his father?

Mom (me) not only has traits that she’s gotten from her parents, but she’s an optimist. She believes everything happens for a reason, good or bad. She is a believer in love and knows that it can conquer all things.

Dad is more practical. There is black and there is white. There are problems and solutions. He’s organized and neat. Despises confusion and conflict. He will do anything for you, within reason of course. He looks before he leaps which keeps the people he loves from jumping off cliffs impulsively (me in particular).

We both balance each other. My hope is that all the things we learned from our grandparents and parents and the experiences that made who we are will be embraced by this child that we created together.

How scary and exciting it is to be a parent.

I am thankful for all those who came before me. Especially my own parents. Now I will know first hand the sacrifices and dedication it takes to raise the little life that you brought into the world.

Love you mom and dad.

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