Celebration or Toleration?

You know what I love to see? People celebrating the ones they love. Proud to post pictures of their family. Give a birthday shout out. Share an anniversary dedication. Or just a random Man crush Monday or Woman crush Wednesday.

So often you see one person/spouse/significant other (usually the woman) posting the trips, smiling faces during dates, and affectionate declarations of love. And then you go on their partner’s page (usually the man) and that same person who is singing praises is no where to be found.

I’ll use myself as an example. If you look on my Facebook and Instagram it won’t take you long to know that I’m married. You will see a few pictures of my wedding, posts celebrating our anniversary, and random “Look at my husband, I’m so in love posts”. Then if you take a look at my husband’s, you wouldn’t even know we were married. He looks like an eligible bachelor. There’s not one picture of us together. Not one tag from me thats been approved. Not one share of my book or my accomplishments (which I asked him to share). And I can easily write this openly because he doesn’t have any interest in what I’m doing or writing.

Now I know some people are private and want to keep some things off of social media, but in this day and age, is anybody really THAT private?

If your significant other is not excited about you, not celebrating you, not proud of you, then why are with them? They should be your biggest cheerleader. Supporting your hopes and dreams. Happy about your new job. Investing in the business. Promoting your book. Shouting the loudest when you got your degree. And posting a simple, fucking picture of you.

And it goes beyond social media, but hey, that’s a start.

So let’s ask ourselves, are we being celebrated or tolerated?