Slip ups.

I called an ex last night.

I know, I know. Bad. He didn’t answer thank God. I was having a weak moment. I started thinking about him, reminiscing on the times we spent, and fell into a vulnerable state. But fate knew better. Either that or he sent me to voicemail ::shrugs shoulders::

I was seeking a temporary fix. Trying to feel something more than pain and loneliness. But doing that would have only left me with regret and more confusion later.

Pain + pain = More pain

I share that to say this, even in our strongest times, we will have weak moments. Although I’m in a great place in my life; good friends, supportive family, career, strong faith in God, etc., there are moments when I feel unfufilled because I don’t have that special love in my life. I’m not afraid to admit it. I want to share the things that most people are afraid to. The good thing is, they are only moments and those moments eventually pass.

We’re human. We all want love whether we admit it or not. We all have vulnerable moments. We may backtrack. What’s important is that we don’t let a moment of weakness like calling our ex, pull us into a pit of despair. Slip ups or just that, slip ups. We didn’t fall.

Love. Hope. Faith.