Old Phones Can Open New Doors?

So my phone decided to just shut down on me. Luckily, I’ve been in this situation enough times to keep an old one. Usually I erase all the pictures, texts, and data from old phones, but since I wasn’t getting rid of it, it still had everything from before I stopped using it. As soon as I powered it on, I went into my old text messages. I still had old texts from my ex. He used to send me a daily quote everyday. Since I write morning messages for everyone else, he thought it would be nice for me to get one as well. He was such a caring and thoughtful guy. Was….but I digress. One quote I saved stared me in the face:

“I’ve felt my fair share of pain, but nothing hurts more than not being enough to someone you gave yourself completely to”

I don’t know who wrote it. I never bothered to look because at that time it didn’t apply. I was so happy and in love that I didn’t think twice about it. But funny how it’s so fitting now. It is a perfect description of how I felt when things ended. To me, nothing hurts worse then feeling rejected and abandoned by the one you love. That’s why it’s so easy for us to become guarded. We put up walls because we think it’s better to shut out people who could potentially bring us pain.

But if we try to shut out sadness, we will shut out happiness too.

So this old phone did bring sadness and disappointment. It did remind me of the relationship that failed. But it is also a reminder that even the old can bring new things ahead.

I got my new replacement phone today.

Love. Hope. Faith.