Hope Floats.

A thought popped in my head today when I arrived home. Would it possible for me to live a life of solitude? Here are a few reasons why I considered it:

I’m already an introvert, so I’m not to far from it.
I hate dating (I prefer sharing my time and energy with one person who understands me).
I hate people (Not really, but I dislike most).
My track record of relationships have been a total fail.
Not to mention there are currently no prospects (my phone is dry as the Sahara)

Solitude seems like a solution to avoid the awkwardness of meeting new people, going on pointless dates, and risking being hurt and used when I decide to give someone a chance. But for a person like me who is a woman of faith, who is a prisoner of hope, and a firm believer in love, I had to quickly snap out of it.

There is no in between. It’s either Faith or Fear.

So instead of choosing an option of isolation because I’m afraid of not receiving what I want, what is it that I really want?

I want meaningful friendships.
I want a relationship that will lead to marriage.
I want a family.

We have to be real with ourselves otherwise we will be miserable. We cannot give into our fears. We cannot try to strategize against fear, we have to overcome it. And We must choose hope to do it. When we feel like drowning, that’s what we need to grab on to, because hope floats.

Love. Hope. Faith.