Please Return to Sender.

Excuse me while I laugh out loud. Exs… boy they are funny. I love when they come back (because they always do), and say:

“Where did we go wrong?”,
“What happened to us?”
“Why did we break up?”

Then your life starts flashing before your eyes. As they talk or as you read that text, email, or inbox message, you remember the pain you endured throughout the relationship. You want to scream! Ummmmm excuse me, were we in the same relationship? Do you have amnesia? Do you even realize what you put me through?? But you have to remember:

A person with no future always returns to their past.

They are probably doing the same crap, in the same position, and mistreating others in the same type of way. Now they want to crawl back to you so they can do the same thing all over again. Or maybe they realized what a good person you were to them and it’s not so easy to replace you. Either way….

They can go kick rocks.
Don’t open that package.
Please return to sender.

Love. Hope. Faith.