Silver Medalist


Nobody wants to be runner up. At least I hope not. We don’t go into races, competitions, and contests to be second best. I’ve never heard anyone say, “I’m striving to get that silver medal”! So why is it that so many of us settle for second best when in comes to relationships?

I’ve been in situations where an ex has come back after dating other people or tried “other options”. And after those failed, they come running back to me. Oh, now I’m good enough? But only good enough to be the second choice. The last resort. The back up plan.

Silver medal? Nah, you can keep that.

I need someone who realizes what they had the first time.

Someone who has enough common sense to know how valuable I am. They treat me right the first time. They are afraid to lose me because they know they will never find anyone else like me.

So….Where’s that guy?

Love. Hope. Faith.