February 15th.

This is important day to me. I’m sure you’re thinking, the day after Valentine’s Day? Why?

Well, it’s the day that my fiance didn’t give up on me. On us.

I had broken up with him a few months before. I did it for me. After 3 years, I knew that I wanted our relationship to progress further. Marriage. Kids. The whole nine. After being straight forward at the beginning of our relationship and him sharing that he wanted the same things, I felt that there had been more than enough time.

I know what the men are thinking, “Why do women have to have a timeline”? And this was my fiance’s train of thinking as well. However, yeah we need one. It helps us to protect our hearts. It keeps us from wasting our time. And unfortunately, age plays a large part, especially if we want children.

So, I ended it.

I walked away from him. No contact. No nothing. And his pride returned the favor.

And then all of a sudden, a phone call. And there was just one simple question, “why”?

Again I shared that my vision was to be a wife and a mother and my belief that he wasn’t ready to give it to me.

After spilling my guts, he simply said he understood. He knew why. And his plan was to put in work. Cautiously, I let him.

A year later, we’re living together, engaged, and working on our future marriage and family.

And just to think. What if I hadn’t picked up the phone on side chick day?

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