No wedding. No reception. No must. No fuss.

Of course when you get engaged, the first thing people ask is, “Have you set a date”? And when I gave my answer, most were surprised.

There is/was no set date. After my fiance and I finished premartial counseling we woke up one random day, filled out the marriage application at the courthouse, and decided to do something just for us.

That answer had gotten us some mixed reviews. Some were disppointed of course. Some totally understood and said “weddings are a waste of money”. Others wanted me to compromise and at least do a reception.


The thing is, I’m not getting married for a wedding. I’m getting married for a marriage.

I had a ceremony and reception for my first marriage and clearly that did not save it. And honestly, I only had it for my family, not for me. Even with those intentions, it turned out to be a disaster which is another story.

I am not against those who desire a wedding. They can be beautiful! They bring families together and they can be fun! But they are not for everybody.

So on 5-12-18, I looked into the eyes of the love of my life and said “I do”. Just me, him, a minister, and a photographer.

And it was perfect.

7 thoughts on “No wedding. No reception. No must. No fuss.

  1. I’m so happy for the both of you love. Marriage is a sacred bond between husband and wife. You are now one it’s what both of you want.

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