Abraham. Jacob. Boaz. Christ.

I love the story of Jacob and Rachel. Jacob loved Rachel so much that he worked 7 years for her. And even after being deceived, he worked 7 more years just to have her (Genesis 29). Although this is a story from the Old Testament, it applies today.

Ladies, if a man really wants you, there is nothing on this green earth that will stop him from pursuing you.

I believe men are natural born leaders. They have God given instincts to be protectors, providers, and persuers. Now of course you have some that have not tapped into that instinct, but when a man truly knows who he is and seeks the Lord, he is able to become all those things. He knows what he wants and will do whatever he has to do to get them. And if you are on his list, you will become one of his priorities. There will be no excuses. So if you have to chase him down, he’s not the one. You are worthy ladies and if you’re worth it to him, he will show you. He will lead, fight for, protect, and love you without hesitation.

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