Dear Future Husband

I’m seeing the dear future wife/dear future husband hash tags and posts everywhere on social media. Some people take a humorous approach to it, some think it’s cute to do, while others like myself believe in it. For me, it’s not meaningless. I am actively speaking into existence the things that I want in my husband. I am actively praying for him whenever the mood strikes. It’s because I believe in him. I believe that he is somewhere out there actively looking for me. Praying for me. It may sound crazy, but that is what faith is about. Speaking to the unseen. Speaking about things as though they are.

So if a spouse is what you desire, pray for them (to show up) and pray for them (their well-being).

Do not be ashamed of what you desire. If you want to be married then speak it. Put it into the atmosphere. Pray about it and believe it will happen for you. Don’t fall into the statistics and reasons why it can’t happen for you. If that desire is in your heart, it was put there and it will be fufilled.

#love #hope #faith

Closed Doors.

I remember a few years ago, I interviewed for a position within my company that I thought I would be perfect for. I aced the written test and did great at answering the interview questions, so I thought the job would be mine. Unfortunately, my coworker got it instead. I cried, I screamed, and acted like a total brat after I got the news. A few weeks later that same coworker was complaining about how difficult the job was and that there was only a small increase in pay. She quit after only working a few months. I found myself thanking God that I didn’t get it.

We never know what God is blocking us from.

Just because we feel like we should have certain things or even someone, doesn’t mean that it’s best for us. Thank goodness god sees the bigger picture. We should seek God in all things and ask for his protection daily. We may not realize it, but His will and purpose is much greater than ours.

#love #hope #faith


How About I Just Marry Myself?


My sister Melissa and I had a great conversation about this story last night. It can be found here:

A 40 year old woman (which is not old by the way) decides since she is single with no prospects, so she is going to marry herself. Some say she was desperate. Some say she was bold and showed self-love. I say she gave up.

When I thought more about this, the story of Sara and Abraham came to mind. Sara laughed at God when she was told that she would have a baby at her old age (Genesis 18). She even chose to move in her own effort by allowing Abraham to impregnate their servant Hagar, because she believed she was incapable of having children. Even through her moments of doubt and devising her own plans, she still conceived a child just as God had promised.

So guess what? Even when you try to move in your own effort (like give up on love and marry yourself), you can still receive the promises God meant for you to have.

Why would he put a desire in your heart without providing a way to fulfill it?

May you never lose sight of the vision God gave to you. If you want to be a wife or husband, it will happen. If you want to have children, it will happen. Find the scriptures that coincide with the desires you have and meditate on them each day. Hold on to your faith and the promises that were given to you by any means necessary.

#love #hope #faith

Left Behind.

Just look back at who surrounded you and who you spent your time with last year. Are they still there now? For me, people I loved, people I believed would remain in my life forever, suddenly left. Unexplainable, unexpectedly, just seemed to disappeared.

I tried to chase, tried to beg, tried to hold on, but my efforts made no difference, they were gone.

I didn’t understand and sometimes I still dont, but I know it was God. I know He has greater plans for me and the places he has set for me to go, some people cannot come. So sometimes He has to tear our world apart and move people out of our way. It seems cruel and unfair, but He knows who belongs in our lives and who doesnt. Don’t fight Him when He starts shifting.

#love #hope #faith


Abraham. Jacob. Boaz. Christ.

I love the story of Jacob and Rachel. Jacob loved Rachel so much that he worked 7 years for her. And even after being deceived, he worked 7 more years just to have her (Genesis 29). Although this is a story from the Old Testament, it applies today.

Ladies, if a man really wants you, there is nothing on this green earth that will stop him from pursuing you.

I believe men are natural born leaders. They have God given instincts to be protectors, providers, and persuers. Now of course you have some that have not tapped into that instinct, but when a man truly knows who he is and seeks the Lord, he is able to become all those things. He knows what he wants and will do whatever he has to do to get them. And if you are on his list, you will become one of his priorities. There will be no excuses. So if you have to chase him down, he’s not the one. You are worthy ladies and if you’re worth it to him, he will show you. He will lead, fight for, protect, and love you without hesitation.

#love #hope #faith


Faith Needs Works.

James 2:26 – “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also”.

Works can be interrpreted in several ways, but for today let’s look at it as preparation. When you ask for something in prayer, not only should you believe you will receive it, but you need to expect it. I will use myself as an example.

I want to be a wife and a mother. I have prayed about it and I truly believe in my heart that God will release him to me. So as a single woman, what do I do in the meantime? I prepare for him and my future children. It can be as simple as learning new recipes or keeping a clean home. Anything that will benefit my future family, I need to start practicing now.

What about that new job you want? Should you just continue to pray for it and wait for something to fall in your lap? No! You have to send in applications, revise your resume, and prepare to do the duties of the job you want. God will open a door to you, but you have to knock on it first.

Get in preparation for the vision that you’ve been praying for. Go beyond the faith of a mustard seed and get ready. Pray for it and prepare for it. #love #hope #faith